Next to go lifejackets…In a reverse Field of Dreams callback, the European Union has decided that the best way to stem the tide of refugees is to limit the amount of life-rafts that can be sold to Libya.

According to EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, “We took a decision to introduce restrictions from today onwards on the export and supply to Libya of the inflatable boats and motors. These are devices used by traffickers for smuggling activities. This decision we have taken on the European Union level will help make their businesses and lives even more complicated.”

Side note: Never has there been a truer line spoken than that last one about the EU making businesses and life more complicated.Yes, life-rafts are the problem. Great job.

Exempted from the sales restrictions are “legitimate” Libyan businesses, and naturally, as with all EU decisions, there’s a massive grey area left when it comes to defining what makes a Libyan business legitimate.