A safe place.In perhaps the truest case of arrested development, the American University system has birthed a generation of sniveling social justice snots that find any semblance of reality to be too demanding and daunting for their little Gaia and Jamba Juice sponsored souls to take.

Too harsh, PDers? Well, did we forget to mention that universities are now setting up ball pits to make those on campus feel safe and infantile? No? Okay, so universities are actually setting up pits with primary colored balls for the students to jump and play in, to help them cope with all of the injustice in the world.

Side note: You know who liked ball pits? Gandhi. Big ball pit guy that Gandhi.

During Social Justice Week, the University of Central Florida announced, “The campus community will have an opportunity to enter a ball pit with another person and have an engaging conversation about a variety of social justice topics.”The future of America.

Saint Mary’s College of California get their ball pit installed next week for Mental Health Awareness and Campus of Caring Week.

Texas Tech even got in on the ball pit action last semester during Diversity Week, when students had, “An opportunity to meet new people, learn new things about different cultures, all while sitting in a ball pit!”

Genius ideas this big can only come from a graduated mind.