If bacon offends you, don't eat it.Last week, Vermont’s Sneakers Bistro made headlines when they removed a sign that said, “Yield for Sneaker’s Bacon,” at the request of a Muslim woman who claimed that seeing the word Bacon made Allah hungry angry.

Saying of the appeasement, “We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics,” Sneakers Bistro completely missed the point.

Let’s see if we can slowly noodle this out without having to draw a diagram, or (dear we even jest) a doodle of crackling, honey–cured bacon.Make this your background if you want to pack on a few.

So, they (Sneakers Bistro) took down the sign, because they (Sneakers Bistro) didn’t want to be political.

Okay, got it.

Yet the act of taking down the said sign, because someone put on a dime-store PC badge, actually makes Sneakers Bistro’s move a political one.

Further, by kowtowing and repeating that they do not wish to be political, they’ve (Sneakers Bistro) put themselves in a position which surely will result in them doing away with all meat served at their restaurant. In fact, for the precious sentimentalities of vegans out there, really all animal based products must go.

Exactly.Bye bye Bernays’ eggs.

Plus, you’ve got everything else which will have to go. Toast made from actual flour? You’ve got to be joking, right? Anything not gluten-free is poison.

Paper napkins, receipts, menus—well, those offend Al Gore.

You see, as the PD staff has discussed many times, in America you have the right to be offended, not the right to be free of offense—and just because you claim to not be interested in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.