Fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff—at PD we’ve tried our best to not go into this horseshit, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.

Do you remember back in September, October, and before the US Presidential election (we know it was a while ago. Seriously, how old were you then? 8?) when there was no mention of anything physical much less fiscal? Remember when supposedly the Savior, Lord Obama had single handedly ended the recession? Remember how the mainstream media convinced the world that Obama was the best economist since Xerxes and his wife was the best dresser since Xerxes’ wife?

It was only until a few hours after the election that Hilary resigned Petreaus resigned that the concept of the fiscal cliff was born. Birth pains and all of that.

Usually whenever the media tries really hard to convince the viewing public of something, that’s when the mental brakes should go down.

Pleeeeeeeeeease. Economically is the US in dire debt? Yes, but there’s nothing particularly special about it now. Dousing it in media and talking heads’ glitz and glitter doesn’t change it from being the day in and day out status quo since 2008. At this point, the fresh $3 trillion (or is it $4 trillion?) tacked onto the debt courtesy of this new newer latest deal are just small pin pricks on a phantom limb.

The hype, hype, hype about this “fiscal cliff” is only a Paris Hilton media move to get another bailout. Do we even call it that anymore? In reality it’s just a bid to get more while working on those acting skills. The people are slightly wilier than that.

The media is in overdrive trying to convince the HBO and CINEMATC world that the fiscal cliff is a real meeting of the minds on the battle field, a protracted and just as sex filled Game of Thrones.

Sir Republican will duel with Madame Democrat at dawn.

Riiiight. Sorry, Paris, a chunk of us are not that stupid, and when perverse parasites politicians feel the need to grand stand again, messaging with Savile Row ties sometime in February or March, Fiscal Cliff 2.0 will be born. Or maybe the media will whip out a thesaurus and jazz it up. Economic Catacomb, Monetary Massacre (some educated alliteration there), Debt Hemorrhage, Currency Collision.

The only thing that this fiscal cliff has taught the American people is that surely now a perquisite for taking lower higher is a soulectomy, and that numbers savant Paul Ryan is nothing more than a Wisconsin Zajak.

Best fiscal buddies ever.Tangy Tangerine Boehener and his wordsmithing performance with professional hypocrite Harry Reid, was/is just pathetic. Sure it brought the masses out of their seats— but only to stampede towards the exit Ivory Coast style.

Wow, really thanks for the protracted Dancing With the Stars/America’s Got Talent mash up, lord knows there aren’t other problems, like 20,000+ bodies in Mexico, that could have used the spotlight.