Bond Street Chocolate wasn’t the first place to hock a chocolate Ganesh. offers three flavors of Ganesh.While the concept of chocolate Putins went over well with the Kremlin, apparently all chocolate deities are not considered tasteful.

At the beginning of this month, the Universal Society of Hinduism demanded that New York’s Bond Street Chocolate stop crafting Ganesh shaped sweets.Milk chocolate Putins for Vladentine’s Day.

According to the group’s news release, “Upset Hindus urge withdrawal of Lord Ganesh shaped edible chocolate,” as Ganesh is, “Highly revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshiped in temples or home shrines and not to be eaten casually.”

Bond Street Chocolate’s version comes with lovely gold dusting.To any concerned customers out there, despite the Universal Society of Hinduism’s strongly worded objection, the $15 Ganesh is expected to stick around along with all of the chocolate Buddhas, Virgin Marys and Jesuses, with the store owner making it clear that, “All spiritual icons are treated equally in my shop with honor and respect to the religion.”

Oh and before CAIR gets their jihad book out, no, Bond Street Chocolate does not carry caramel Prophets. Apparently that’s one religion too out there for chocolate imitation.