This year, there’s definitely something funny going on with the government and holidays.

Not only has Punxsutawney Phil found himself on death row thanks to a poor prediction track record (hmmm…and yet the King of Washington, Barney Frank, who’s batting average is far worse, is currently pruning various avenues back to the Senate after he decided he was not cut out to be a house husband), and the Easter Bunny is still holding out for time and half, but now the U.S. Air Force Academy has canceled their annual Independence Day celebration.

Academy Public Affairs Director Lt. Col. John Bryan was quick to point out the cancellation was due to the monstrous and monumental 2% sequester and not because the United States is now fully dependent on China. “Faced with so many uncertainties about the future budget, we have to look at ways to save money.”

Of course, canceling the celebration of the birth of the nation was on the top of our lists too.

Oh well, with the state of affairs worldwide, unlike last year when we fretted over wearing flag adorned shorts and tees, come this July 4th we’ll all most likely be more concerned about which bunk (I call top!) we’ll be able to snag at the Reeducation Camps.