This creepy pic provided by CDC.govFor a feel-good-Thursday article, our staff thought we’d cover the recent 3 year permit suspension for a CDC lab mishandling bits of anthrax, smallpox and plague.

Yup, as discussed before, the CDC might be great at picking out overpriced couches, but keeping track of bacteria, virus and toxin samples isn’t exactly their strong suit.

Since 2003, the Federal Select Agent Program has suspended the operating permits of five CDC labs, but of course, the locations of those labs are kept under wraps—unlike, apparently those pathogens.Let’s hope that infectious disease orange doesn’t make a comeback this summer.

Wondering where the feel good aspect is? Well, this revelation proves that there’s at least some accountability dished out when it comes to the storage of H1N5 in the break-room fridge.

Right, PDers?