With overall retail sales figures low-dogging it this festive season, it seems the UK has decided to go for the gold (you know the ones they couldn’t muster during their greatest Olympics of all time) and declare Boxing Day to be the better, bigger sister sale of Black Friday.

Yesterday alone, retailers projected to do £3.2B of business. In fact, Selfridges took in a whooping £1.5M in the first hour. Long lines, running, and a smash and grab mentality (one slightly more upmarket than the riots back in 2011 or any given day in Detroit) appear to be the new shopping rules of the day. It's hard enough to imagine people walking into NEXT, much less running.

“There just weren’t any good sales in the lead up to Christmas, and there are things I want,” Lizzy, a 29 year old, welfare recipient was quoted as saying. “Now I think that we’ve taught the retailers a big lesson! If they want us, the sales have to come.”

Lizzy’s sentiment of entitlement and a literal to some or figurative to others, showing of the retailers whose boss pervaded most of the scenes.

Let us know, PDers, do you agree with Lizzy, or is this just a symptom of a society in desperate need for four separate pannier makers?