Remember back in December when we touched on the Secret Services’ issues with public transport? The whole them leaving classified information about inexpensive Colombian escort contacts on a D-Train?

Well, speaking of public transportation becoming more perilous for everyone, it seems that the installation of voice recorders and video cameras is the new normal for city buses nationwide.

While CCTV covers every aspect of daily British life with little protest, an ocean away, Americans are shocked to hear in recent reports that a similar sentiment is growing on their local government levels.

Especially worrying is the idea that the storage of audio and video collected on buses can last ranging from 30 days to several years.

Who does that type of surveillance help? How many taxpayer dollars will need to be forked over to have people watching and listening to Donald Chuckawall and Suzy Evans conversation about the chance for rain over the weekend? Big Bird's Eye View

Exactly how long will that digital image of the bad hair day Tina had last week remain on someone’s hard drive? Will it be compiled with other bad hair days in Houston? Will there be a secret database of bad hair days of the Northeast?

PDers, we guess the moral of the story is simple: Glam out every time you leave the house, and watch that weather talk when you’re on the bus.