Closed.Well, the final IMF verdict is in and Cypriots just lost 47.5% of anything more than 100,000€ (roughly $133,000) in their bank accounts. Now, isn’t that special?

In March, when the EU and IMF first tried to dip their fingers into the last season handbags of Cyprus, the numbers 6.75% for anything under 100,000€ and 9.9% for anything over, were deemed appalling and insane.

Now months later when everything (at least everything big government and the cartels felt like saying) is said and done, it’s even worse.Who wants to be next? Step right up, step right up.

Certainly this ruling and the theft of 47.5% had nothing to do with the powers that be wanting to make clear to the peasants how little power the masses have. Certainly this wasn’t about showing the people how little fear their pitchforks and protests factor into the governing bodies.

To cap off their ruling, the IMF said earlier today that, “We found the program to be on track, authorities made good progress towards meeting their objectives.”

Wow, again, isn’t that just special?