A man not afraid to show his knees.

A man not afraid to show his knees.

What? We’re already calling it on April? It’s only the 26th! Well, with all of the pranks, and potential war declarations, our PD Staff is pining for May.

Looking Back…

Despite repeated promises from David Meade and President Trump’s Twitter account, the world didn’t end this week (at least not so far), but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana promised that once they’re gone, so too would be their label.

It was a month of Hitler and other Mein Kampf related promotions, from plays in Germany to Turkish President Erdogan, and finally reading They Thought They Were Free.

Also on 4/20, Milk Makeup released their new Kush Mascara, guaranteed to get your lashes high, while Benefit Cosmetics is offering gravity-defying lashes with their space-inspired Bad Gal Bang Mascara.

As we mentioned before, there were several failed April Fool’s pranks, including one promising a new Ikea and 3,000 jobs.

Russia made waves when it came to gold bars and rubber duckies, National Parks increased their fees all around, and Norway attempted a veil ban in scholastic institutions.

China revealed that only good comrades make good sperm donors, there were raids on fake makeup in California, and the great camo debate continued.

April 2018

Boiling the month down to a slight simmer, the best summary for April 2018, and perhaps even the last decade is below:

About that though...

About that though…

That is, assuming of course, we all live long enough and are permitted by the Government to have offspring.