Some slighted used blooms.

Florist: How about some slightly used blooms?

Today is another one of those times when our staff goes far out on the creaky limb, and suggests maybe, just maybe, people should not do something.

Previously, PD has requested that people not urinate on the produce at the A&P, or lean their seat back on flights.

We’ve also asked to keep the coffin selfies to a minimum.

Heck, we have even advocated not taking a leak in the reservoir.

Which brings us back to florists…

Apparently, as of late, there have been cases of florists getting caught stealing flowers from graves.

What do you think they put on that bouquet’s card? “Roses are red, and these blooms were stolen from the dead.”

Not to go all George Washington on you, since hey, that was last month’s Book Club pick, but maybe we could set the bar a little higher for ourselves?

Just sayin’.