Smiley face fascism arrives via calorie caps.

Smiley face fascism arrives via calorie caps.

In a time where Nutella and chocolate trucks are being hijacked in Germany, the United Kingdom is angling to slap calorie caps on food.

Following Waxy Gas Station Chocolate Season, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day

Public Health England (PHE) hopes to enforce calorie limitations on ready-made and fast food.

Side note: You know what country doesn’t have this problem? The DPRK.

It seems the PHE is chomping at the bit to ensure your breakfast maxes out at only 400 calories, and your lunch and dinner reach only 600 calories respectively.

If you are in the UK don’t worry though, PHE menu mandates will not cover side dishes or desserts, so hopefully you’ll still be able to purchase your calories there unabated.