Who pays for the fireworks?One thing we love to do at PD is look at signs that come off the Reuters wire. Sometimes colorful, sometimes humorous, sometimes painfully stupid, and yet, most of the time there’s just enough to make one or two members of our staff stop and go, “Hmm…”

Here’s a few from Egypt we’re marveling at today.

What type of printer shop got this one done in a hurry?

Nice and big with a plastic coating, someone clearly isn’t a fan of Ann Patterson, the US Ambassador to Egypt. Where is she now? Let’s hope Ann read a page out of Chris Stevens’ diary and decided to get the hell out of dodge.

It is obvious money went into this one, and keep in mind that Roman letters probably look just as weird to Egyptians as Arabic would to Californians. Note the interchangeable ‘B’ and ‘Ps’ throughout, and the use of lowercase and capital letters, along with the varying spelling of President. (We usually spell President with a D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R.)

Finally, check out the sloganing of, “Now is now.”

Great minds...think alike?

<<Now>> recognize anything in this one?

Duct tape, not Duck.

Again, you have a ‘B’ ‘P’ mix up, but the duct tape holding up both signs sure works well.

Do you think the guy just stole the "Go Out" sign?

This one you can tell is a homemade job, but props should be given to the cloud circle around Ann Patterson’s name.

Well, PD wants to be on the up and up, so we can’t give props for the cloud circle without giving major props to the dude wearing the bathroom sign (Go Out).


This last poster is perhaps one of the best, quality wise, and most expensive. The play on words and allusion to an American horror flick, are well put together, and note how all of the Roman letters are done perfectly fine.

Look closer at the side red lettering if you want to get chills though, “Live…Freedom…Social justice.”

Social justice, hello Jim Wallis.