The Grim Reaper also came for several retailers this month.Well, compared to last September when Ted Cruz left us with a case of VD, this month wasn’t so bad.

Sure, there was the will they/won’t they back and forth romance between our ex, Kim Jong-un and President (thanks again, Ted) Trump.

Just like in years previous, swastikas slipped back into fashion, and a woman’s right to wear a bikini was fought.

As Trump-shaped ecstasy was pumped into Germany, Merkel clocked in her fourth (and probably not final) win.Hey, for the record it still counts as a flannel.

The Oval Office was spruced up with 96 rolls of discontinued damask, and Philippine President Duterte outlined monetary incentives to his Five Year Happy Slaughter Plan.

We sang a little Yankee Doodle as we flipped through our PD Book Club Pick, the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue and depressed that the Progressive Left hasn’t coined her with the Auntie term of endearment, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee decided to up her game by kneeling down.

Our staff decided to skip any layovers at DTW, and Tarte got eaten alive by the Tolerance Community. Oh yeah, and the mainstream media also freaked out, because FLOTUS gardened in Balmain.

With nonsense being the new sense, and us here at PD just waiting around for the few smiles Halloween brings, we picked this picture as the best summary for our thoughts on September 2017:

Why? Why not?

Now, let’s talk creepy costumes