Talk about a dump. No wonder the Oval had to be redone.As with each new Administration, decorators come in and do all they can to scrub out the lies and scandals of the previous ones.

Unfortunately, sometimes a power washer just isn’t enough, so the new Powers That Be find it best to just demo and start over.

This time around, the walls in the Oval Office needed a serious revamping (and scan for Soviet Era bugs), which is why President Trump was quick to pick out the best ever, really really nice, new wallpaper—you know, the kind that was already discontinued back in 2014.A swatch of the new wallpaper picked out by Donald Trump from York Wallcoverings, a wallpaper which was originally discontinued back in 2014.

Of course, as the American taxpayer foots the bill for all of this, who cares?

96 rolls of white/taupe damask are needed, and clearly, that’s all the taxpayer needs to know.