For when you don’t want to go to Tesco.Today we have a marketing blunder, not from Big Government (our staff still gets the chills, when we think back on the roller derby projections of You Got Insurance?), but instead it comes straight from the aisles of Asda.

Wanting to celebrate the opening of their new supermarket location on the Isle of Wight, Asda had 10,000 special grocery bags printed up using a design done by two local kiddos depicting the island itself.

Seems okay, right? A nice community gesture, good PR, nothing wrong on the surface—it all checks out.W-I-G-H-T.

Well, unfortunately the local children might be so-so artists, but they are definitely poor spellers, putting, “Isle of White,” on the bags.

Maybe, Asda should leave the community outreach and suave marketing moves to Sainsbury’s.

Just sayin’.