Botulism? If only there would have been some warning…Be careful not to do a spit-take, the “news” we bring you today is truly shocking.

Senator Feinstein said that no gun law could have prevented the Las Vegas massacre.

Well, okay, yes, she did actually say that, and yes, that is perhaps the most shocking thing we’ve heard since Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican Nomination, but today, we’re actually spotlighting word that Death Wish Coffee Company’s cold brew is actually potentially deadly.

Last week, Death Wish announced that they were doing a massive recall of their 11-ounce cans of Nitro Cold Brew due to botulism fears.Tastes just about how you’d imagine it would.

According to their statement, “Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance and Death Wish Coffee is taking this significant, proactive step to ensure that the highest quality, safest and of course, strongest coffee products we produce are of industry-exceeding standards.”

Wow. Who would have thought that a company with the words death and wish in their name, would have released a product that could cause death?

Just askin’.