I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but PD really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the progressive, over-glorified waste of television scheduling hours that is the Olympic Games. We don’t care. There aren’t enough feel good, rags to riches, Cool Runnings type stories in the entire Olympic world, to make this tripe palatable.


From the onset trek of Oprah and Michelle Antoinette to the powers that be in order to bring the 2016 games to the shores of the Windy City (now Nightly Gun Battle Kraal) Chicago, PD swore we’d tune out. Of course, just because we won’t be watching the debacle, doesn’t mean we can’t carp about it from the sidelines.

As you may recall, the Obama Administration might have had enough clout to secure the Nobel Peace Prize from Day 1 in office, but they simply weren’t as Earth savvy or CCTV happy as the Brits, who ended up being the ones to secure the games in their backyard.Worst logo ever.

Then came what was dubbed to be the, “Logo of the Century,” which in PD’s mind fulfilled the quota perfectly, with the added caveat of being the, “Worst Logo of the Century.” Yeah, of course the century is just getting going, but really PD’s got good money on this.

The logo led the public and press for once to echo each other with, “What is that?!”

Sick, sicker, and sickest.Some theorized the Zumba craze had gone too far. Others felt the Olympics had decided to take their anti-Israel sentiment further into the limelight, not with just the usual refusal to hold a moment of silence for the massacre victims of the Munich 1972 Olympics, but with a new logo of a broken, punkified swatiska.

Finally, there was the group of dirty-minded adults, and giggly school children, which swore up and down that the logo was of Lisa Simpson giving her brother Bart a blowjob. Some couldn’t hide their disdain for that idea, “That’s bollocks! Lisa isn’t giving her brother head! She’s giving London head, duh.”

Riiiiight. Well, what camp does PD fall in? PD is a proud member of the What-A-Waste-of-Half-A-Million- £ group.1948 logo

The case is made all the worse by comparing it to London’s last Olympics campaign. Few people are even aware that this is not the first time that London has had the Olympics. In 1948, with the noted exception of Germany and Japan, 59 countries gathered to London for the first games after WWII. Which logo is better?

1908If you go back another forty years, you’ve got the 1908 London Olympics. 

Do you see the Zumba/Nazi/Oral references in that one? No? Really? Hmm…That must just be because they didn’t have focus groups, or MTV.