If you like this idea, yaybe make Torredembarra your next holiday destination. There’s lots of talk usually about law and order, and for this week’s Genius Idea Friday, we can’t help but actually think that Spain’s Torredembarra Town Council is pretty clever in at least one regard.

Spain has a law that stipulates each council chamber must have a portrait hung on the wall of King Felipe VI, but being like PD in the fact that they’re not big fans of the monarchy (for us, it’s any monarchy), Torredembarra has complied with the law… just in a slightly different way.

Yes, there is a portrait hanging up in their chambers, and yes, it is of King Felipe VI. It’s just that these portraits are on the small side.Nice.

Passport-sized in some cases.

According to Councilor Lluís Suñé, “We are convinced that we have not broken any laws, because the portrait of the King and the leader of the Catalan Government are exactly the same size.”

Frankly, Torredembarra, that’s not a bad idea.