Perhaps a lovely communist scarlet? It’s almost officially the Russian Spring, and as of such you can rest assured that the American State Department is hard at work on their top priority to assuring world peace; outfitting the Moscow Embassy with new drapes.

Yes, the State Department hopes that some $2,150,000 drapes in lush silk or even faux silk (they are for offices in the former Soviet Union after all), will warm any Cold War sentiment lingering in the cackles of Vladimir Putin’s interior decorator’s heart.

Think that’s bad? Well, it took the State Department a whopping four months to score a deal that good.QE kindling.

Holy hell! How weak is the US dollar these days?

“The contractor shall provide the US Embassy Moscow with drapery making and installation service, to include materials, in accordance with mandatory safety requirements,” according to the American State Department release. “Services may include the removal and disposal of old draperies, measuring windows for production of draperies, tulles, drape holders and jalousies, sewing draperies and production drape holders and jalousie, mounting drape holders and jalousie, hanging draperies and tulles, dismantling drape holders and jalousie.”

Poor Michelle.At least, that $2,150,000 comes with the installation.

Heaven forbid a diplomat’s secretary or son climb a miniature ladder and do some minor DIY