The Wild Heart.If you, like Michelle Obama, love conducting a remodel, and unlike Michelle do not have $600,000 in taxpayer funds for new curtains and paint, then you might want to check out OPI’s inexpensive new venture.

Sure, OPI and the word inexpensive aren’t often found together, but under Ace Hardware this nail varnish company’s merger with Clark+Kensington has yielded some interesting and affordable paint color palettes, worthy of your home’s walls and weekly mani.The Natural.

Which means you are free to repaint without first needing to seek a government grant.

Mary Rice, the President and General Manager of Ace Paint explained that, “The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington was curated to encourage consumers to bring fashion-forward colors into their homes through the hues they’ve grown to love in the nail salon.”

A similar sentiment was echoed by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI’s Cofounder and Executive Vice President, “It was important for OPI to partner with Ace Hardware, a known industry expert in paint, to bring our iconic colors to life. The paint colors in the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington offer a refreshing alternative to the home décor category and we’re excited to give our fans the opportunity to experience their favorite OPI colors in a new way.”

The Romantic.Those colors include Do You Lilac It?, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, My Vampire is Buff, Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs., Don’t Touch My Tutu!, Just Lanai-ing Around, Gargantuan Green Grape, Samoan Sand and My Very First Knockwurst.

Though Ace Hardware is big throughout the world, including Malaysia, so far the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington is offered only at 3,2000 of their US locations, but with their 2015 collection deemed another hit perhaps you’ll be able to get your brushes into some soon.