This gold one will run you $894 at Target.

A price jump, an upside-down trend and police warnings have the Christmas tree consumer riled up this season.

Scarcity resulting from a bottoming out of the Christmas Tree Market in 2008, and increased tree taxes, mean that this year’s real fur fir might be swapped for an artificial one— and if it is artificial, there’s a good probability it will be upside-down.

Target, along with Kohl’s and Lowes, has embraced the inverted tree trend this year, by pushing a batch that instead of hanging from the ceiling are actually attached to a base on the ground, creating, if you will, a Christmas tornado for your living room.

While some claim the upside-down style is a more Christian nod to Jesus’ crucifixion than its counterpart, others just prefer how the gifts placed under it no longer get lost in the branches.

The post accompanied this photograph with the caption, “One of our Officer’s stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!” Apparently, the vehicle was only given a, “Friendly Holiday warning.”

If you are still undeterred from getting a real tree, the National Christmas Tree Association wants to assure you that for this year and mostly likely the next few years, consumers will be paying at least 5 to 15% more per tree.

In other Christmas tree related news, the Sudbury Police Department of Massachusetts, took to Facebook to remind civilians to be careful when collecting their tree. “Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday tree responsibly.”

Side note: Yet, another Government Authority that hasn’t gotten President Trump’s memo on Christmas versus Holiday usage.

What say you, PDers? Do you plan to make it a Griswold Christmas, or will you go for the cyclone look?