The hobble skirt.With First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump being trashed by feminists for wearing oppressive high heels (an opinion on footwear shared with Russian hardliners— which we’re sure is only a coincidence), our PD staff started thinking about ensembles through history that were really limiting.

Case in point, the hobble skirt, a skirt so narrow at the hem that the wearer actually had to hobble around from place to place.

A staple of the 1910’s, based off a similar contraption used on horses, the hobble skirt was worn at a time when women’s liberation was all the rage.Are they still considered oppressive if they’re your own brand?

If one wasn’t able to afford an actual hobble skirt or dress, they could achieve a similar effect by tying a rope around the hems of dresses and skirts they already owned.

However, this overall move against the petticoat was greeted by The New York Times in much the same way electricity was taken by the World Council of Scholars, “Think of that! Think of 10,000 people turned away from their possible means of livelihood, 10,000 families, perhaps, starving, just because women persist in following an ungraceful and immodest freak of fashion!”

The true joke of women’s fashion.By the time the trend was worn by Morticia Addams, the rest of the Western World had already decided to embrace the hobble’s cousin, otherwise known as the pencil skirt of the 1950’s.

At least in today’s sky high heels, with a little practice, you should be able to take longer and wider steps.