When a government fears a shirt, how do they handle ideas?We’ve talked about how in countries where the concept of freedom is so terrifying something as simple as a t-shirt can leave you open to jail time and fines before, and this season’s illegal look in Turkey is a plain, white, Defacto tee with the word Hero accompanied by the phrase, “Heroes are immortal,” printed on it.

After Gökhan Güçlü, a suspected follower of Fethullah Gülen, wore the tee to his hearing last month, several people (those not already purged in the first 20 or so abstersions) found to be wearing the same top were detained by the Turkish Government.

As of this week, at least 35 people have been arrested for donning the Hero Tee, with claims that a bulk of those arrests were the result of the police being tipped off by good citizens.

Another detainee was an unfortunate tourist from Azerbaijan that due to his fashion choices ended up being deported.A time when wearing a tee is considered heroic.

To further cut down on the shirt’s growing popularity, President Erdogan has mandated that a special brown (apparently tyrants love brown) uniform should be worn by all defendants for any court proceedings. “There will be no more coming to courts wearing whatever they want.”

Finally, according to the Ihlas News Agency, the manufacturer has since stopped producing the tees after, “Discussions with the police.”

Reichstag, anyone?