This duckie landed a man 25 days in jail.

This duckie landed a man 25 days in jail.

There shouldn’t be much surprise, that the rubber duckie is joining the long list of symbols against oppression and corruption.

Don’t hate, after all, America had their turtle tunnels and freedom fries, why can’t Russia have a rubber duckie?

Waddling from the literally green-faced Alexei Navalny’s 2016 investigation into Prime Minister (and occasionally President) Dmitry Medvedev’s summer getaway that supposedly has a special island home for ducks in its pond, the rubber duckie has already led to arrests in St. Petersburg.

Side note: That same investigation tried to shade Medvedev as being a compulsive online shopper for buying 73 tees and 20 pairs of shoes in three months. Hey, hey, hey. It was sale season, and really, of all the things to hold against the man, online shopping (even for bright yellow kicks) isn’t one of them, unless of course those rubles came from Kremlin coffers.

Earlier this year, a man was arrested for the subversive act of having an inflatable duckie in his apartment window.

Rubber Duckie and Jail

Zara's answer to the rubber duckie protests.

Zara’s answer to the rubber duckie protests.

Naturally, in Russia the duckie offense earned the man 25 days in jail.

If you feel like rocking a little duck in your wardrobe without the possibility of gulag time, might we suggest this inflatable duckie tee from Zara?

This tee without a sale is under $20, and according to the company is made from, “Ecologically grown cotton.”

After all, Lenin’s birthday Earth Day is right around the corner.