The gold market.While we were starting to bundle up in our sweaters this weekend, Dolce and Gabbana gave their latest fashion flip-off to the Italian Technocrats with their gold inspired Spring 2014 catwalk show.

As Anna Dello Russo rapped, and we’ve talked about before, Summer gold, Winter gold, D&G’s Spring gold—any gold is good anytime.

Gold is both timeless and classic. Gold can be dressed up or down, but at the end of the day, gold is just good.

Worth its weight in gold?

Case in point, this gorgeous dress that though it looks heavy as hell screams, “Happy New Year’s!” The script could be flipped, if toned down with black leggings and riding boots, making it great for weekend excursions (you know, those ones you want to take now before hyperinflation kicks in).

Of course, in the American education system, Greek/Cypriot---same thing.

The more overtly anti-technocrat pieces were literally composed of pieces of coinage. What could have been better than sticking with the generic Grecian take though, would be to have used strictly Cypriot coinage (from the 80’s of 90’s) as a protest to the ever money hungry IMF and EU.

Of course, not everything on D&G’s runway glittered. Unfortunately, the designing duo, followed in the footsteps of Anna Wintour approved fashion houses by embracing perhaps the worst Fall fashion fail— polyvinyl chloride.

A painful rework of Lady Gaga.

Full disclosure: For the record, PD loves D&G for their stance against big government, but we do not give anyone a pass on PVC. It is just not gonna happen. Even Ted Cruz could sport a PVC mac, and we’d still balk.

Nothing connotes trash-bag fashion quite as much as the Mary Quant lab monstrosity.

Flowers on PVC? Sorry, still stinks.

Ignoring that these looks are for their Spring collection, PVC might be a god-send when you’re tackling a Siberian Winter, as it’s hotter than hell underneath inducing an instant swamp ass situation, but for sardining it on the London Underground there is nothing worse.

Get that PVC dress or skirt out in direct sunlight, and your electrolytes are guaranteed to plummet. If you’re planning on being out of the cooling and blessed relief of air conditioning, then play it safe and bring a few bottles of Gatorade with you.

Just when you thought nothing more disappointing could come down the D&G runway, these fur vest and PVC combos made an appearance.


PDers, we asked why  when it came to Sydney Leathers’ beachy tabloid spread, but now we want to ask you, what.

What. Is. This. ????????? Can any of you out there explain this to our staff?

Obama green-lighting the transfer of rocket launchers and other weapons to the Syrian Rebels/ Al Qaeda makes more sense than this.