Stumped on what to wear?There’s something nice about embracing camp takes on fashion, but once everyone does it—it ceases to be camp and just morphs into full on lame territory. Case in point, this season’s rise of the Christmas sweater, or for all of the progressives out there, the Winter Solstice long-sleeved organic wool blend.

Some of us have been Christmas sweater fans since our mothers wore them in earnest back in the 70’s and 80’s, but now every label and their pedigree dog have released their own take on this classic.

Bearing that in mind, this season our staff will just be stocking up for the time when these babies will be novel and fun again, as opposed to uniform.

Here are our top picks to put away:

Jingle jangle.

Two pieces reek of Christmas movie nostalgia. Chiara Fashion’s  Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal comes from the scene from Home Alone that makes us crave super cheesy pizza each year at this time, and the Fa Ra Ra is a racist ode to A Christmas Story.

The Y5L is a pricy, but great piece, along with the gold leaf beetle Lanvin.

No Christmas sweater collection is complete without a Jolly St. Nick, holly twig, and flaming pudding. Add a bow, some lights, a Joules’ snazzy fox, and a little Scandinavian floral and you’re nearly there.

What say you, PDers? Were you into Christmas sweaters before the runways were, or are they ugliest fashion concept since Tevas and socks?