Isn’t the adage, “Black don’t crack?” Surely, that applies to apparel as well.There is no color our staff loves more for every season than black, but according to Kazakhstan’s President-For-Life Nursultan Nazarbayev wearing black, by law, should only be done at funerals.

During a speech with the Spiritual Administration of Muslims back in April of this year, Nazarbayev lamented that, “As a result of illiteracy, our young people let grow their beards and cut their pants. A number of Kazakh girls completely covering themselves with black clothes increases. This neither corresponds to our traditions nor our people. It is necessary to work out the ban at the legislative level. Kazakhs wear black clothes during mourning time.”

He later added, “If young people follow recommendations that are foreign to our people, what will happen to the state? We will not let that happen.”

Spoken like someone that’s be in power since 1989.Kazakhstan’s President-For-Life Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Obviously, Nazarbayev is a fashion icon; however, the PD staff will continue to respectfully disagree.

Black is classic, slimming and versatile enough for more occasions than just the death of liberty.