Since if you don’t vote for Hillary you are racist. It’s been a few years since we last shone our Memory Lane Monday spotlight on Texas’ racist rose, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, and to be honest a few on our staff have missed her creative hairstyles and festive frocks.

While nowadays she might have joined Madeleine Albright on stomping for Hillary Clinton (hey, even race baiters are scared of hell), back in 2014, Sheila Jackson Lee was an expert in what caused the Ebola outbreak.


During an interview on MSNBC, when questioned about the CDC’s fumbling of the Eric Ducan case, Sheila Jackson Lee claimed that the, “Center For Disease Control suffers from the continued gridlock in Washington and Republicans not funding fully even though the fight against Ebola is bipartisan, the CDC and NIH has suffered in its funding.”You know what’s making a big comeback in 2016? Brooches.

The CDC not being funded well enough was the problem? The same CDC that was/is so incompetent that they’ve mailed Anthrax with little more than a Forever stamp, and spent $10 Million on loveseats for their Visitor’s Center?

Thank you, Sheila, for being the best representative of why Big Government is bologna.