Being the official uniform for looters isn’t nearly as lucrative as some may believe. With California’s State Water Board (no ‘-ing’) approving for the first time in Californian history, emergency drought regulations calling for cities in the Eureka! State to reduce their water usage by anywhere from 8% to 36%, Levi Strauss & Co. has introduced their own water saving edicts for their Occupy Oakland clientele.

Being the official jean of the riot revolution might not have proved to be as lucrative as the top brass hoped, and sure, they may be hemorrhaging jobs, but what Levi really cares about is you doing your part for the environment.Levi wants you to embrace the distressed, dirty look.

Claiming to have done a study which shows that a 1,000 gallons of water are used to wash a single pair of jeans before they disintegrate, Levi now wants their customers to only wash their jeans once a year, or in the case of a massive Molotov cocktail spill then after ten wears.

Michael Kobori, Levi’s Vice President of Sustainability, said of the new tact that, “I think it’s hard to change people’s behavior, but what we’ve seen from the time we started the campaign is that it makes consumers think a little more carefully about ‘what is my impact?’ It’s presented in a way that really encourages people to think about their personal impact by changing something as simple as how frequently they wash their jeans. It’s a nice message and it’s a little fun.”

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in Diesel either. Well, we learned two weeks back that even the EPA thinks filth is fun.