Workers of the world unite! Do you recall how back in 2009 Levi’s decided that they wanted to be the official uniform of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Yeah…how’d that work out for them?

In 1984 Obama terms, where everything that is bad is deemed good and everything that is mandatory is deemed as liberty, fantastic.Silly, Levis. Rioters wear Addidas.

Levi Strauss & Co. just announced that they are gonna have to cut 20% or 800 of their non-essential employees due to increased markdowns having to accompany any sales, and their new revamped Red line featuring denim parachute pants isn’t going to be helping their bottom line either.

Don’t worry though, we’ve heard a rumor that the Obama Administration is going to be pivoting to that three letter word j-o-b-s any day now.