Fresh off the rack, is not all that fresh.

Fresh off the rack, is not all that fresh.

Do yourself a favor, and put this morning’s gluten free Danish to the side for now.

The excitement of a new purchase, a stunning addition to your wardrobe, and the allure of just throwing the item straight on out of the store can get the better of some people.

However, in the same vein of why you should never leave your house and how it is truly better to simply live off Amazon Prime and let our robot overlords takeover, Philip Tierno, a Professor of Microbiology and Pathology at New York University, recently warned people that embracing that habit can be detrimental to one’s health.


Well, if the items are in a store, most likely they’ve been tried on.

Okay, and?

Well, short answer: people are gross.

Now, before we start building our own Spruce Moose here, Tierno made the case that clothing in stores can harbor bacteria, noroviruses, and fecal germs.

Nothing like a little Scabbies to go along with that new button-down.

The likelihood of finding any of the above on your new togs spikes in summer too, of course.

Or at least try a wash this way.

Or at least try a wash this way.

Also, playing the numbers game, it’s not just one person trying on that mid-calf skirt before you snatch it up.

According to Tierno, “It’s not four or five or six people; it’s dozens and dozens…if that garment sits there for weeks or a month.”

It’s not only germs and fecal properties that should have you washing garments first, as Tierno outlined that most clothing has dyes and other chemical-finishing agents that can irritate the skin.

Anyways, not to tell you what to do or anything, but might we suggest you put your latest fashion finds once or twice through the rinse cycle before you wear them?

Just sayin’.