Even Daash nutcases love the feel of a good knit.While tartan is the big sale item this season (thanks in part to the bosom heaving Outlander) leave it to the fashion conscious bad boys of Daash to stick with a winter classic, the Fair Isle.

An original favorite of the one month king, Edward VIII, Fair Isle knits come from its namesake island located in Northern Scotland.

Without getting too technical, traditional Fair Isles are done in a basic knit stitch, use only five colors and limit it to two colors per row of the pattern.

Of course now, with 98% of Fair Isles actually machine-made in a Kuala Lumpur or Tijuana factory, the term Fair Isle has become a phrase used loosely to describe any knit that has a multicolor/wintery motif.

In other ISIS sweater talk, REI hit a little unexpected holiday snafu after yesterday’s Daash/ISIS/Iranian/Lindt hostage situation.Yikes, that’s unfortunate.

There is some definite unfortunate wording on that description there. “A weekend at the cabin SCREAMS for the super comfortable Isis Sydney sweater.”

Yeah…whelp, what are you gonna do?