Maybe watch what you pack if you plan to holiday in Inezgane.Morocco, the country deemed Western enough to handle the filming of Sex in the City 2 (that’s right, Abu Dhabi denied them permits due to the sexual nature of the series), recently charged two women wearing summer frocks in an Inezgane souk with offending public morals.

Now that we think about it, the whole ordeal actually played out much like a scene from that movie, where walking through the market the pair started to be harassed by the men in the souk; the police at first coming to the girls aid.

After escorting them to the police station for their “safety” the police then promptly charged and held them over night.

Some reports state that the offending apparel consisted of summer dresses, while others claim the two wore, the scourge of Swaziland’s King Mswati III, skirts.Long sleeves, sleeveless, hot pink, canary yellow---take your pick.

While a throng of lawyers and members of the Moroccan tourist lobby have shown up to defend the accused, our staff here at PD can’t help but feel it’s time we put away our airy maxis and exercise our rights to short dresses and micro-minis.

After all, with the tight embrace of totalitarianism worming its way into the West, how long do we really have until our fashion choices come along with a fine and jail time?