Road crews? Well, sort of…There’s a lot to report from Cambodia as of late, and most of it has to do with 2011’s catwalk favorite and the color preference of the self-appointed, Salafist Sharia Police in Germany: orange.

To start off Zara, Primark, Next, H&M and other shopping mall staples, agreed to almost double the wages of their factory employees after thousands of their workers donned the New Age’s uniform of protest, orange t-shirts, on their lunch breaks.

Though the Cambodian military made an appearance, the fast fashion brands made it clear in a letter to the Cambodian People’s Party Dr. Sok An that they were willing to raise their prices worldwide to allow for a wage increase.Is this a sign that companies will just move more of their factories elsewhere?

“Our purchasing practices will enable the payment of a fair living wage and increased wages will be reflected in our prices, taking also into account productivity and efficiency gains and the development of the skills of workers, carried out in cooperation with unions at workplace level.”

In other orange Cambodian news, in touristy Siem Reap, two Buddhist monks were thrown in the clink when meth, condoms and alcohol were found in their pagoda during a police raid.

Our staff couldn’t find any photos of monks doing meth, so we opted for an elephant pic. While 95% of Cambodians have long practiced and embraced the orange of Theravada Buddhism, Buddhist monks are required to abstain from sexual intercourse and are forbidden to consume alcohol and recreational drugs.

Interestingly enough though, what led to the police deciding to carry out the raid were the mounting noise complaints of late night partying filed by the neighbors of the pagoda in question.

Let that be a lesson to any monks in Cambodia wanting to party till the wee-hours; send an invitation to your neighbors so they don’t make noise complaints to the po po.