Repeat offender.What? Two articles back to back on the British Royal Family? Did one of our staff members lose a bet or something?

Yes, yes they did.

So, from Charles chirping about Putin yesterday, to Princess Di Redux going commando, there’s nothing quite as disturbing as a group of the taxpayer funded privileged class.

British media is now up in arms that a German tabloid splurged on a recent pic of Grand-Duchess-whatever’s butt shot.

First of all, if Lady Katie had any dignity or sense at all she would take a tip from the Queen (no, not on the shoe breaker-inner), and have weights sewn into the hem of her dresses. Bam. Problem solved, that dress or skirt is staying down come helicopter or high water.Remember the Bruno Banani ads in 2009? There goes our toast and OJ.

It’s not the tax code, or anything, people.

Second, you know who should really wear underwear? Politicians. Please, as a public servant do just at least this one public service and go the extra mile to make sure we won’t see a crotch shot of yours over breakfast.