Sure not having coffins is bad, but not having enough implants? Those poor girls’ self-esteem! Okay Caracas— your streets weren’t quite filled when Maduro made sure there was no bread on the shelves.

You didn’t blink when cooking oil became impossible to find. You stayed when Charmin was rationed.

You didn’t decide to flee when in a maniac fit of paranoia Maduro banned newspaper crossword puzzles. Hell, you may have even stood in the mile long lines for a free toaster when the Venezuelan Government nationalized Daka outlets for being too capitalist.

You also don’t seem to mind that you’re only able to rent a casket for your dear Abuela’s funeral next week, but now with fresh news that imports of silicone implants are drying up, maybe just maybe you and the rest of your fellow countrymen will decide it’s time to be done with Maduro and all of the shortages tyranny socialism has to offer.Anyone else tired of the glories of socialism?

PD has talked about South American women using Vaseline to DIY an increase in cup size before, but currently even those Venezuelan women with government connections are being forced to drastically size up, as only maxed out implants seem to be left.

So the next time you’re waiting in a bread line and get beamed in the face with a pair of quadruple Fs you can thank Maduro