Eau de perfume Pizza Hut.Move over Chanel Number 5, there’s a new scent on the market that is at the top of most Christmas lists this year: eau de perfume Pizza Hut.

Yes, Pizza Hut, the very reason why some on our staff make a pilgrimage to the Pyramids in Cairo each year, has gifted the world not with just the awesomeness of stuffed crust, but with a perfume scent of dough with a dash of seasoning.We have to say, that is some nice packaging.

The marriage of the scents of fresh grease and salt would make the ideal stocking stuffer for Michelle Antoinette, or given that the undertones of the scent are somewhat masculine, eau de perfume Pizza Hut would also make a great gift for the somewhat masculine Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

Though few bottles were made, this gift idea is still easier to track down than a Tickle-Me-Elmo during the Clinton Administration.