Lather up.

Lather up.

Did you only receive a few bags of coal this year, because Santa found out how depressing and pessimistic you’ve been since the Inauguration?

Hey, don’t worry, coal is a big beauty favorite as of late.

Yes, charcoal is no longer used just to tame tummy aches brought on from too much kale, or to stoke fires.

In the last five years, charcoal has been slapped into toothpastes for extra whitening, and charcoal powder is being heralded as the new go-to ingredient for facemasks, moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos and conditioners.

Plain old bar soap has also gotten the charcoal makeover.

Coal, making a comeback.

The Beauty Industry wants you to see activated charcoal as a magnetic that will pull out any bacteria and dirt from your skin, hints its use in facemasks and pore strips.

Where microbeads have since been banned from cleansers, charcoal is now also used as an exfoliator; however, it makes a harsh one, so be leery of going all in if you have sensitive skin.

You are currently seeing charcoal on your shampoo label, since it is touted to clarify your scalp and stop dandruff and product buildup.

All in all, perhaps Santa was only doing his best to look out for you Christmas.