Stormy Daniels and embracing the truth.

Stormy Daniels and embracing the truth.

As in the natural progression of affairs with politicians, Stephanie Clifford is ready to take the next step.

Instead of a handbag line, Stephanie Clifford a.k.a Stormy Daniels has decided to team up with It’s The Bomb scent company and release a limited time fragrance titled Truth—using a clearly ripped off Chanel #5 bottle.

The exact notes of the fragrance are yet to be announced, but the campaign done in classic Camembert 80’s style, sports the tagline of, “Embrace your truth.”

Embrace Your Truth?

Truth: That's a knockoff,

Truth: That’s a knockoff.

An interesting approach, as the command is to, “Embrace your truth,” not embrace the actual truth.

Also not available is the cost, but our staff feels confident in assuming it will be cheap.