The twitterverse and Instagram have been at maximum Michael Kors capacity since early on the 25th, with more pictures than an inner-city high school yearbook.

Apparently there was a marathon of the School House Rock episode that teaches you to tell time on TNT, because somehow everyone had a Michael Kors wristwatch on their Christmas list.

Either that or Santa is on the Kors payroll.

In this world of smart phones and iwants, who would have thought that a wristwatch would be what all the little boys and girls would clamber for?

Was it the tech challenged show Revolution that got people thinking about how they’d function after an EMP? Did sundials also sell well? Quick! Someone get Sundials R Us on the horn to get those figures.

Were you or your near and dear part of the telling-time-madness, or did you fair a bit better with St. Nick? Leave us some comments below.