It’s that time of year again, when the supposed upper echelon fashion gurus try to force a hideous trend onto the masses. Last year it was mixed prints, the year before the zipped tapper, and now it’s the 1950’s BB homemaker’s version of mint.

Despite being the best flavor of Blue Bell ever made, mint as a color is nearly impossible to pull off.

First, even finding a true mint can be difficult, especially if you have troubles spotting color aspect ratios. Mint is mint. Not sky blue, candy blue, or Tiffany blue. While the aforementioned three are infinitely easier to find and wear, if you’re wanting to embrace mint, then make sure it is indeed mint.

If you’ve been hitting the solarium, then pass on this completely. Mint does not compliment darker skin tones. Of course, under that same token, if you’re made of Scandinavian porcelain, mint also isn’t for you. Detecting a partner here? A frock in mint is suited to the skin tone of only about eight people worldwide. Are you part of the gang of eight? Yeah, thought not.

Your social life hangs in the balance if you don’t add mint to your wardrobe? Okay, we get it. Then stick to accessories. A bag, either a clutch or a smaller purse only, as anything larger will make you appear unbalanced (both mentally and physically). Earrings, or a well-placed bow in your tresses can also work. Bangles, no leather embellishments, and gold lining are also possibilities.

View mint as John McCain. The less you hear and see of him, the better.