Perhaps you could DIY one with Church’s Chicken.It is prom time again for a slew of teens across the United States, the night where they ditch their leggings and brown shirts to encase themselves in glitter and poly-satin blends, pretending that they’ve finally arrived, only to realize their life sentence has merely just begun.

Leave it to Louisville, Kentucky to lighten the mood and help the Nation’s future keep things in perspective with the chicken corsage.The KFC chicken corsage goes great with this watermelon Edie Parker clutch.

Chicken. Corsage. The Colonel certainly would be proud to know that his savory KFC chicken will be on the arm of many a hot prom date this year.

The KFC and Nanz & Kraft Florists’ collaboration, consisting of one piece of chicken adorned with baby’s breath, promises to, “Make your date’s eyes light up and her mouth water.”

The grease induced breakout that accompanies the wearing of the corsage is free of charge of course.