James Madison must be so proud.Inauguration Day is almost here, and provided President Trump doesn’t push the button and usher in the nuclear holocaust that’s been on the back burner since the 1950’s on Day One, the members of the Pussyhat Project are hoping to make the day after extra cringy by invoking their Constitutional right to protest with vaginas— on their heads.

In an ironic twist of fate wool, feminists are taking up knitting needles to create pink, “Pussy Power Hats.”

Since hey, it’s 2017 and that’s what hipster feminists do now.

Calling for pussy marches throughout the Nation, especially one in D.C., the Pussyhat Project wants to, “Make a unique visual statement which will help activists be better heard.”An example of Pussyhat Project supporters and their, “Pussy Power Hats.”

To be better heard of course, as everyone listens extra hard to those with genitalia hats.

Oddly enough though, despite our staff being against tyranny in all forms, we’ve never felt the compulsion to wear genitalia headgear— penis, vagina or non-binary.

Nope. Not even once.

Just sayin’.