They probably won’t have your size anyway.Last week, we talked about how jobs in grave robbing are on the rise in the Obama economy, but our staff found out recently that supposedly the real money is in desecrating concentration camps.

From the people who brought you Dachau selfies, those same douchebag visitors to Auschwitz have taken to snapping up camp souvenirs for what can best be described as one hell of an inappropriate scrapbook.But first---a gas chamber selfie!

In case you wanted to write off such classy moves as just another symptom of the millennial generation, the Director of the Auschwitz Museum, Piotr Cywinski made it clear even those in their 40s have sticky fingers, “It’s not always young people. Sometimes even teachers and foreign tourists take things.”

Sure snatching an old shoe, or pair of retro chic frames from an exhibit is bad, but inscribing the prisoners’ bunks with, “Raphael was here,” or “Alice loves Justin Bieber,” is certainly worse.

Yolo? Antoni Dudek, a member of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, called the uptick in vandalism at Auschwitz shocking. “This isn’t really vandalism, because vandalism is something you do to a bus stop. This is barbarism.”

Auschwitz being as massive as it is (150 some odd buildings on 495 acres), coupled with the board’s desire to keep the camp as authentic to the days it was under German control as possible by limiting the use of CCTV, makes catching el Barto in the act all the more difficult.Nice frames. Where’d you get them?---Uh….---Awkward.

Personally, from a libertarian standpoint we feel that former Auschwitz prisoner, Bogdan Bartnikowski put it best when he said, “If they had been there and feared they would be leaving the next day via the chimney, then they would not be so eager to scratch their name onto a bunk.”

Just sayin’.