Is it heil or hail to the Chief? To all the die-hard (and if he wins, be assured life will be very hard) Trump fans out there and lovers of rayon, carefully collect your $12 to $68 Ivanka Trump scarves, because any sold from October 2014 (back when the scariest thing that faced us was just a Hillary 2016) through January 2016 have just been recalled.

Yes, recently 20,000 of Ivanka Trump’s Chinese manufactured scarves have been found to be highly flammable, something most likely discovered over a book burning fire pit.Opt for a polyester one instead. $38 from Amazon.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, if you have such a scarf you should stop wearing it immediately and seek a refund from your original point of purchase.

Jeez, this bit of bad news coupled with her father’s plan to tax all Chinese imports by 45% won’t look good for Ivanka’s bottom line.

Just sayin’.