$2,850 for this “real” Ghost Collection Gucci.Instead of talking about how Hillary Clinton was stuffed into her kitten heels Monday night, or debating about who wore it better Donald Trump or Lester Holt with a blue tie being the it and Fox News asking the question, how about going for a little Gucci?

Gucci’s new Ghost Collection while extremely hyped (as is everything these days) really shakes out to be more ghoulish than phenomenal in execution.

According to Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, “Artist Trouble Andrew is as much as Gucci as the brand is, the way he uses the logo of the company is by taking it to the streets, it is interesting how our language, started by a family in Florence nearly 100 years ago can be something very contemporary.”

Of course, Gucci’s recent embrace of graffiti shouldn’t be greeted as groundbreaking as the design concept is nothing new for the luxury market. In fact this Trouble Andrew collaboration reeks of Louis Vuitton’s Stephen Sprouse works from 2001 and 2009.


The collection’s other motif of a skull comprised of their signature g and an inverted g, brings yet another season channeling a cartoon version of Cambodia.

$1,100? Try $8.99 on Ali with free shipping.

$1,100 for this 3/4 length, 100% cotton sweater, no doubt a sure favorite for AliExpress’ counterfeiters.

Almost good.

The best piece of the collection is the Gucci Ghost Biker Jacket, and even that has its issues.

Brooklyn-based artist Trouble Andrew is definitely no Banksy.

While the final product should be in the words of Gucci a, “Mix of two cultures-a juxtaposition of the past and the present,” the poorly drawn snake looks way more childish than chic, especially given the $6,300 price tag.

Love a mink no matter how garish? This can be draped over your seat for only $34,000.

This Finland fur also comes with a black graffiti GG Diamond Intarsia slapped on the back.

With this monstrosity Gucci hit gauche rather than ghost.

Throw in a pizza and pie doodle silk-twill scarf and an egg clutch and you’ve got a Gucci collection relegated to the back of your closet.

Did you think we were joking about the egg clutch? Oh no. $795.

Maybe it’s time to call an exorcist to sage out some of those creative cobwebs at Gucci