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Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

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Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

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Bikini Rights

Bikini Rights

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Just Askin’: Could We Not Go For the Coffin Photo Op?

Just Askin’: Could We Not Go For the Coffin Photo Op?

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Oval Office Wallpaper Revamp

Oval Office Wallpaper Revamp

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Hemorrhagic Happenings: Fort Hood, Your Dream Dress & Michigan

Catch up with the latest Hemorrhagic Happenings. Apparently last season’s Ebola white didn’t quite take off and replace ivory like some in the bridal industry had hoped.PD went from all Ebola all the time to hardly a blood coated whisper since Christmas. So just in case you’ve missed them here are the latest hemorrhagic happenings.

It was Tuesday evening when the Defense Department ruled that despite having been found next to a pool of his own vomit, the 24 year old Fort Hood soldier, whom had recently returned from Obama’s war against Ebola in Liberia, did not in fact have the disease.

Which makes perfect sense considering that 24 year old men, at least those stationed in Texas, die all of the time next to a pool of their vomit.Ebola fighters in Liberia.

There’s bad news this week from Ohio, as the Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal Store is having to close their doors after 30 years, according to the owner thanks to Amber Vinson’s October custom there.

You might recall that a few months back, once she was deemed well enough, Amber Vinson had her lawyer send papers to the bridal shop requesting a full refund for her bridesmaids’ dresses, a request that owner Anna Younker scoffed at since after Vinson’s fevered visit the bridal store had earned the nickname, Ebola Bridal.

Pictured: Anna Younker, owner of Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal Store.Unfortunately, in Younker’s case not all press is good press, and with the new moniker customers decided to pick up their dream gowns elsewhere. “I wish that now she knew better not to travel. The impact it’s had on me is huge. Never in a million years did I expect something like this to cause our business to have to close.”

Yeah, Ebola is a little hard to factor into your SMART business goals.

Coming Attractions is planning on having a final liquidation sale at the end of the month, but even at closeout prices it seems unlikely the dresses will go quickly---if they are purchased at all. Come the first week of February, if you are in Akron, Ohio, let’s just say there is a huge probability that you might be able to snag a Vera Wang from a well-timed dumpster dive.Temperature checks twice a day.

Finally, in case you were thinking of wintering up in Detroit, be forewarned that the Michigan Department of Community Health is currently monitoring 14 people for the disease.

You’re welcome. 

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  • Guest (Krikri Votre)

    It should be noted that the CDC cleared Amber Vinson for travel. She repeated told them she had a fever and they still gave her the green light. Younker can easily make a case against them.

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  • Guest (Jasime)

    I'd sue Vinson. She still has personal responsibility. She traveled with a FEVER after being thrown up on by Eric Duncan. Come on!

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  • Guest (thomasgreen)

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