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Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of?--- Round 4

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of?--- Round 4

For this month’s installment of Who Does This Remind You Of? we’ve gone to a fairly big name in...

Genius Idea: Call Tourists Terrorists

Genius Idea: Call Tourists Terrorists

Spain has made no secret that they’re over their Tourist Industry.

Sweden’s Armed Forces Embraces Rainbow Laces

Sweden’s Armed Forces Embraces Rainbow Laces

Despite KLM missing the mark with their Gay Pride Click Campaign, Sweden’s Armed Forces weren’t...

Just Sayin’: Over The Iceland Bandwagon

Just Sayin’: Over The Iceland Bandwagon

To start with, we’d like to outline for the record, that PD covered Iceland long before the rest...

Faux Tiffanys Causes Costco to Pay Up

Faux Tiffanys Causes Costco to Pay Up

A fair amount of engagement rings (2,500) at remarkable whole-sale prices has put Costco and a...

Memory Lane Monday: Obama, Golf and Your Wedding

The happy couple.One of those sycophantic pics.We all know that President Obama is a sucker for appeasing Michelle Antoinette Valentine’s Day, but if your lifelong love comes between his golf game---he couldn’t possibly care less about you professing that love in front of family and friends.

Natalie Heimel and her then fiancé Edward Mallue, Jr. (both US Army Captains) were all set to tie the knot in December 2014, on the 16th hole of Hawaii’s Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, when unfortunately they were dropped from their scheduled slot as President Obama decided he wanted to get a few holes in that day; his staff telling the couple they would need to relocate their wedding.It takes a village and all of their tax money to golf this poorly.

Their wedding.

“It was emotional, especially for (Heimel)—she’s the bride and in less than 24 hours they had to change everything they had planned,” Jamie McCarthy, the groom's sister said.

You’ve heard of wedding day cluster-fucks before, but this one definitely takes the triple layered fondant cake.

Weddings, Daash, Russia, economic meltdown---better head to the course.“We knew that there were two things that could mess up the wedding and one was weather and the other was the President,” Heimel said.

Apparently to make up for them having to rearrange their dream day, the President called the pair after they finally were able to say I do---you know, during the ceremony.

Yes, called them during the ceremony.Oh right. Just like with everything else, it’s Bush’s fault.

While the couple insisted there were no hard feelings, and there were plenty of sycophantic photographs of the groom holding the cell phone the President actually called, our staff can’t help but marvel at the ego it takes to insert yourself into the wedding of complete strangers.

We also can’t help but wonder, why it is that if he plays golf so much, his game is still so bad…

Seriously, right? PDers, got any ideas? 

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  • Guest (intheblazer)

    Nothing about the depths of that man's ego shocks me anymore.

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  • Guest (Kate)

    For me Wedding means - Triple layered fondant cake. The best way to secure fondant cakes together is with melted chocolate. Wild Pepper

    from San Francisco, CA, USA
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